hse concept

love life and care about perfect health,due to the fact that love is truly the most precious resource which is based on sound health.

consistently work to promote the harmonious coexistence between the mankind and surroundings with the commitment of environment protection and energy consumption reduction.

we encourage professional loyalty and dedication, concern for families and try hardest to make improvement in life quality.

hse is the cornerstone of our corporate culture which deserves wider attention. hse administrative system and behavioral criteria is subsequently efficiently implemented. resources are loudly advocated to be utilized in an effective and rational way, rather than being wasted extravagantly.

environment-friendly,energy conservation and emission reduction

with the strategy of “technology progress plays a role in the mission of energy conservation and emission reduction”. ttca always believes that human itself and its survival environment is the foremost important resource. we spare no efforts acting as an environment-friendly enterprise, with energy saving and resource utilization, energy saving and environmental protection combined.

reclamation of waste water

we generate electric power ourselves with the marsh gas produced in the process of running the waste water caused by production out of environmental protection equipments. we generate more than 40000,000 electric power, accounting for one third of the total consumption volume. the waste water recycled is available for repetitive production or the irrigation of plantation.

utilization of redundant heat

plenty of redundant heat are recovered and turn into hot water for production usage.1000,000 cubic of hot water of 80 degrees are generated annually.

cinder reuse

cinder is supplied to the downstream workshop for building material making, hence the solid waste is perfectly used.